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Mental Health Hookup is a private agency dedicated to assisting people and families who have been affected by chronic and persistent forms of ​mental illness.

We help you to help your loved ones by meeting with you to discuss your needs, providing a complete physical and psychological assessment, and creating a custom plan.

We provide a confidential ear and assistance in getting you connected to appropriate resources in your community.​



Let’s Talk! Together we can do this. We encourage all interested family members & parties be included in the 1st meeting, allowing everyone to be heard. 



We’ll complete both a thorough Physical Assessment and a Psychological Assessment in order to start creating your individualized plan.



We look for resources that are conducive to aiding the resolution of the problem, identifying the best and most appropriate resources for your unique needs.

In order for us to provide you with quality services, we request that you please read our privacy statement.


We encourage all interested family members and parties to be included in the first meeting in order to allow everyone to be heard. 


Physical Assessment
A complete and thorough head-to-toe physical assessment is the start to creating your own individualized plan.  This type of “physical” is generally more complete and includes certain lab tests that are not routinely ordered.  Of particular importance is a neurological examination that includes an EEG to rule out any organic issues that may be at the root of a symptom you or others might be observing.

Psychologist Assessment
In our experience a licensed and competent psychologist is well worth the cost because they provide the specific test results that contribute to a more comprehensive analysis. The inclusion of the psychologist in the psychiatric team continues to be considered state of the art practice.

Identification of Resources  
We look for resources that are geographically, financially, and consistent with the family’s value system, conducive in aiding the resolution of the problem.


We will identify the best and appropriate resources for your unique needs and develop a plan for you to help streamline your progress.

 After your first appointment, we must research your issue, and then will call or email you to suggest up to three options. There is no fiduciary relationship between the choices we give to you and MentalHealthHookUp.com. 

We are local to the Greater Los Angeles Area and would be happy to help you and your family in any way you might find useful. We adhere to the National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics.